JIM BLACKSTONE came to liturgical art with a background as an ordained minister in the Church of England and a teacher or chaplain in primary, secondary, and tertiary education. He has also undertaken doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, later published in book form, on Gregory Palamas and his contemplative approach to theology.

The three elements of public ministry, education, and research assist Jim in his artistic practice at the Chichester Workshop, carried out in day-to-day collaboration with Martin. Jim shares with Aidan and Canon Dr Daniel Inman a commitment to wider communication of the Workshop’s principles and practices through teaching, talks, and the development of educational resources.

Jim’s recent commissions include a mosaic for Chichester Cathedral and a panel icon for St David’s Cathedral; see more at www.dunstanicons.com

MARTIN EARLE is a Catholic artist specializing in making works for the liturgy. He is skilled in a variety of media and has experience in a wide variety of church projects, both internationally and in the UK.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Martin spent five years as an apprentice in the studio of Aidan Hart before embarking on his own practice in 2017. His projects have ranged from small icons painted on wood to hanging crucifixes, stone altars, large-scale mosaics, and design schemes for entire churches. Martin is based in the Chichester Workshop and, alongside Jim, shares knowledge and skills through the short-term apprenticeships currently on offer.

Martin’s recent commissions include a lifesize crucifix for St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Aberdeen and painted and carved works for the Pontifical Beda Collaege in Rome. See more at www.martinearle.com.

AIDAN HART is a member of the Orthodox Church and has been a professional liturgical artist for forty years. He works in a range of traditional media, from panel painting, fresco, and mosaic to stone and wood carving. Aidan is also a design consultant for church interiors.

Although primarily a maker, Aidan is passionate about training others. In 2009 he founded and still teaches the Icon Certificate programme for The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts. He is the author of three books: Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting; Spirit Beauty Matter; and Festal Icons: History and Meaning.

Working from his studio in Shrewsbury, Aidan’s particular focus within the Chichester Workshop is the development of training programs for clergy and seminarians, as well as for the general public. Part of this work is the production of podcasts. See more at www.aidanharticons.com.

CANON DR DANIEL INMAN is the Canon Precentor at Chichester Cathedral, with responsibility for overseeing the liturgical life of the Cathedral and renewing its historic commitment to nurturing the place of art in worship, which dates back at least to its remarkable twelfth-century reliefs of the raising of Lazarus. 

Daniel was until recently Chancellor at Chichester and was, prior to coming to the Diocese, a Chaplain and Research Fellow at The Queen’s College, Oxford. He is the author of The Making of Modern English Theology (Minneapolis, 2014) and has been Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church since 2021.

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