The Chichester Workshop presents discussions with leading liturgical art practitioners and scholars from around the world, addressing issues that are central for traditional worship and for the proclamation of divine beauty in a world hungry for meaning.

What is Liturgical Art?

Artist Heather Pollington interviews Aidan Hart in the chapel he frescoed and furnished at the hermitage of St Anthony and Cuthbert, Shropshire.

Training liturgical artists

We meet Jim Blackstone at the Chichester Workshop and current apprentice Michael Potter to explore the different methods they have used to learn their skills of church art.

Commissioning church art and architecture

All church art begins with a commissioner. The effectiveness of what is eventually made depends not only on the skill and theological insight of the craftsperson, but on the quality of the commissioner’s brief. We interview two priests and an artist to discover what makes a good brief. 

Sacred imagery: distraction or doorway?

We address some of the theological questions regarding Christian imagery: should we have it, and what is its relation to other artforms? Cathedral Treasurer Vanessa Baron chairs the panel of cathedral Precentor Revd. Dr Dan Inman, Dr Jim Blackstone, Dr Caroline Farey, and Aidan Hart.

The effect of liturgical art

Wisdom is known by its fruits, so in this podcast we ask two priests how major additions of liturgical art to their churches have transformed their parish worship and life.

The limits of beauty

Can beauty transform us? What are its limits? An impromptu but fascinating discussion among four Orthodox practitioners from the USA, Canada, and Britain: Fr Silouan Justiniano, Andrew Gould, Jonathan Pageau, and Aidan Hart.

Worship and the world: the river that flows from the temple brings life

Jim Blackstone interviews Aidan Hart about the transformative effect of healthy worship, how it transforms the way a culture sees and therefore the way it acts.

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